Happiest Places To Live In London Revealed On New Map

Happiest Places To Live In London Revealed On New Map
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Londoners: while we might usually look like a miserable bunch, according to this happiness map we’re actually quite chipper.

In fact, if you live in Fulham, Parson’s Green or Upper Norwood then chances are you’ve got feelings of positivity radiating from you.

Meanwhile those inhabiting Tooting, Aldgate and Whitechapel are a tad, well, grumpy. (We can’t see why, when surely happiness is being able to buy fried chicken at 4am?)

The information was collated from a year-long study comparing body language and everyday acts of aggression between strangers in different parts of London.

Interactions such as frowning and barging past people were considered in the study, which has helped to create weather report-style “positivity outlooks” for each postcode.

Dan Coppock, co-founder of the creative agency behind the project, Clubhouse Studios, revealed the motivation behind the research.

“Over the past few years interest in the science of being happy has grown steadily,” he said.

“Whether it’s individual exercises to improve mindfulness or survey-based happiness studies of populations, we’re becoming increasingly aware that the choices we make, and the way we live can have a big impact on our social wellbeing.”

According to Coppock, sharing spaces with happy strangers for a few moments each day can make people more positive.

We best head to Fulham then…

Click here to find out how happy your neighbourhood is…

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